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12-17 June 2022

12-17 June 2022

KickstARt User Studies in Augmented Reality

Why attend?

Meet enthusiastic researchers interested in Augmented Reality
Learn to design AR -and why not VR!- user studies and present the results

First levelling day: crash course in AR and Unity3D
Discover Puglia region with side activities


Discover one of the most attractive Regions of Italy


Designed for Augmented reality research and convert concepts into a scientific grade user study with publishable results!

Meet The Team

We assemble the best researchers and scientisist on the topic in a cool venue. Stay with us!


Joseph L. Gabbard

Professor at Virginia Tech, United States

Antonio Emmanuele Uva

Professor at DMMM, Politecnico di Bari, Italy

Michele Fiorentino

Professor at DMMM, Politecnico di Bari, Italy


Anthony Steed

University College London, United Kingdom
Dr. Steed is a Professor in the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics group in the Department of Computer Science, University College London. His research area is real-time interactive virtual environments, with particular interest in virtual reality, augmented reality, novel forms of interaction, large-scale graphical models, collaborative systems and networking for tightly synchronous telecollaboration. Over time Dr. Steed’s work has expanded from being focussed very much on immersive virtual environments to include novel presentation systems that are commonly referred to as mixed-reality systems. There are two key unifying themes: processes and models that are used for environment description and the user experience of such systems, especially in collaborative situations.


Jens Grubert

Coburg University, Germany
Dr. Grubert’s research interests include interaction with mobile and wearable multi display ecologies (including smartwatches and smartglasses), multimodal Mixed Reality (Augmented and Virtual Reality) and cross-media interaction. He also investigated the utility of optical see-through head-mounted displays for industrial usage scenarios such as order picking. Dr. Gruber advocates active learning and lectures distributed systems, computer graphics, virtual reality, human-computer interaction and information visualization.

Rob Lindeman

HIT Lab, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Dr. Lindeman’s research focuses on making virtual reality more realistic, and supporting effective interaction techniques in immersive virtual environments. In particular, I'm interested in these main research thrusts: supporting long-term exposure to VR, providing multi-sensory feedback in VR, allowing people to get real work done using effective interaction techniques, and, Immersive applied gaming as a motivation for things like learning, training, behaviour change, and health.

Maud Marchal

Univ. Rennes, INSA, IRISA, France
Dr. Marshal is an associate professor at the Institute for Research in Computer Science and Random Systems; the largest French research laboratory in the field of computer science and information technology. Her main research interests include: physically-based simulation, haptic feedback, 3D interactions, virtual reality and medical applications. She received a PhD in Computer Science in 2006 from University Joseph Fourier in Grenoble. In 2007 she was at University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, and was at INRIA Lille, France, in 2008.

Anne-Helene Olivier

University Rennes 2- M2S Lab- Mimetic Inria, France
Dr. Olivier’s research focuses on visuo-motor coordination during physical interactions between individuals in the context of locomotion and sports situations. This work consists both in the description of the adaptations put in place by individuals to interact together, and in the highlighting of important signs of the movement of the other that an individual perceives during this interaction. Her work is based on a transdisciplinary experimental approach combining movement and digital sciences, drawing on innovative techniques involving virtual reality.

Rick Skarbez

Assistant Professor, La Trobe University, Australia
Dr. Skarbez’s research interests broadly refer to how humans experience and interact with immersive technologies, and specifically include virtual reality, human factors, user experience design, visualization, and immersive analytics. His research has focused on Presence and Plausibility Illusion in virtual environments, and is committed to investigating the effects of realistic behavior, not just realistic imagery, on the effectiveness of practical virtual environments.


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